New Year. Catch Up!

IMG_4164I’ve been a bit busy with work. Just got back from CES today and saw I got a care package from my friends at NIKE while I was away. :O

IMG_4150… also got to check out Urban Necessities Shop in Las Vegas. It’s an awesome consignment shop and I actually felt like it had the best vibe out of any sneaker store I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a lot)… Ended up getting another Gift of Flight Pack and Cool Grey XIs there. Some of my friends came by to CES and hooked me up with another pair of my all time favorite (Legend Blues) ❤ !

IMG_4171 10881751_381838655311653_1069632661_nI know I was planning on doing my video and best of 2014 lists (see previous post), but I’ve been busy. So I’ll work on it this coming week!


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