Slam Dunk X Air Jordan!

SLAM_DUNK_AJ6_001If you’ve been following sneaker news, you might have heard that a few months ago Jordan Brand was putting together something special for Slam Dunk fans! Takehiko Inoue’s classic ’90s basketball manga/anime was a cultural phenomenon for Japan. Much like what Eyeshield 21 did for American Football in Japan, Slam Dunk did the same for professional basketball. Basketball culture and everything that went along with it, was (and still is) in full swing all over Japan. Sneaker culture in particular made a big impression amongst fans of the show. Click below for some background info and some new pics!

The main character (Hanamichi Sakuragi) wore classic white/infrared Air Jordan 6 in his games initially until they wore out. Then he acquired a pair of the original Black/Red Air Jordan 1s. In the classic scene above, you can see a sporting goods shop that specializes in basketball shoes… The worker there reminisces about the time his precious Air Jordan 6s were ‘taken’ away from him and just as he relives the pain, Sakuragi comes back needed a new pair of shoes. lol.

sakuragi+hanamichiJust today AJSOLE posted some new pictures of the forthcoming Air Jordan 6 – “Slam Dunk” release. You can notice a lot of the cool details including memorable scenes embedded from the manga and main character Sakuragi’s jersey number on the outer heel. This special collaboration project is rumored to be limited and exclusive to Asia markets (including Japan) only! If that’s the case, better start doing some homework now and preparing for it! Click below for more of the pictures!

  1. Yo,

    It’s wild how that cartoon straight had Jordans, Ewings, Converse, Asics and whatever just in the frame with their emblems and everything. I wonder if they got permission.

    Either way, I got nostalgic watching the cartoon. I remember buying kicks from mom & pop stores just like this one. The workers were always knowledgable of the shoes on the floor, and would make suggestions on what you should cop all the time. Really friendly and helpful atmosphere. They would hook you up on old deadstock for cheap too, cause stuff wasn’t dropping every week like now. Stuff got marked down and down until it moved. No camping, no RSVP, no Bots, just people buying what they liked, when they liked, for retail.

    Good times.

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