Legendary Wings

20141124-air-jordan-11-columbia-1061It’s no secret that the Air Jordan XI “Columbias” are my favorite sneaker of all time. You can imagine just HOW excited I am for the Dec. 20th release of the Air Jordan XI “Legend Blue” ! The originals were released in Feb. of 1996 and they were later retro’d in 2001. The 2001 retro did not have the original blue tint to the sole, however the 2014 version will have the iced out blue sole (which is the single thing that has me going crazy) !

P.S. – Much love if you know that old Capcom game “Legendary Wings” lol.

Click below for some very detailed and awesome pictures via Ken Lu.

20141124-air-jordan-11-columbia-1061 20141124-air-jordan-11-columbia-1066 20141124-air-jordan-11-columbia-1071 20141124-air-jordan-11-columbia-1072 20141124-air-jordan-11-columbia-1073 20141124-air-jordan-11-columbia-1082 20141124-air-jordan-11-columbia-1087 20141124-air-jordan-11-columbia-1088 20141124-air-jordan-11-columbia-1089 20141124-air-jordan-11-columbia-1091 20141124-air-jordan-11-columbia-1093

Can’t wait!

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