markmanThis is probably going to be my last EVO with Mad Catz. No, nothing is wrong with me or MCZ (in fact, I think the company is in the best position it’s been in a long time). I just want to shift my life focus. After I complete the Street Fighter V range of products and help launch them to market, I will be taking a seat back from gaming and focusing on other passions. More importantly, my daughter is going to be starting high school later this year and I’m going to focus on being a better father — a full time one for her. I won’t be leaving the FGC, so you’ll still see me around. That being said. Let’s make this EVO (and next year) an amazing one.

Much Love,

Mark “MarkMan” Julio

P.S. – I’m a die hard Mad Catz fan and supporter. I will do my best work ever until my time comes. *salute*

  1. ua said:

    OMG. You’r one of grand father of FGC in japan. Daigo,Tokido,Mago and japanese fun are profoundly grateful to you.Please, please do not leave it.Your existence is too huge…

  2. I’m more of a Hori fan, but I do own an X360 Fightstick SOUL Edition and it’s just FANTASTIC. So, I’m saddened by the news -please make it that someone as good as you succeeds you-, but I also see your point in devoting yourself to your family more, which is beautiful. Thank you for your great work at MadCatz and best luck MarkMan!!

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