DuckTales -REMASTERED- Gold Edition

DSC00524I was born in the ’80s. This was an era before the internet. It was a true age of discovery as far as gaming went. I was fortunate enough to live that life where I would come home from school, watch some DuckTales on TV & play some NES on the weekends (my parents didn’t let me play on school days). I really loved the classic action platformer game. There was Ghosts N’ Goblins, Mega Man, Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers and of course… DuckTales

I won’t go too in depth about how great this title was. To put it into perspective from the development side. Key members of the Rock Man/Mega Man team worked on DuckTales, including the heralded Keiji Inafune… As such, you could really feel the polish/quality of this game when it was released back in 1989. In early 2013, Capcom announced that they were bringing DuckTales back with a full HD remastering (courtesy of development studio WayForward). I was at PAX East during the reveal and saw all the amazing things going into the game from the original voice cast from the show, hard drawn sprites and remixing of the classic soundtrack. All this in an awesome digital download (which was later released on disc as well). At the time I thought… ‘TAKE MY MONEY NOW!’


The GOLD limited edition lunch box packaging and the later released digital code retail (GameStop exclusive) that came with a DuckTales pin!

Fast forward to the release of the game later in 2013… Capcom put together a SUPER limited edition version of the game that was given out as a promotion item to key partners and media. They made and individually numbered 150 of these amazing packages & I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of them. Check out these awesome pictures and the cool little details from the package. By the way, I’ll never get rid of this gem. You’d have to kill me and pry this from my dead hands. Yeah I’m talking to you Flintheart Glomgold.


Opening up the cool metal lunch box reveals shredded dollar bills (I think they really shredded dollar bills. It smells like money!) protecting the hidden treasure inside. Number 85 out of 150.


The package came with a download code (not pictured), a funny soundtrack ad insert, a funny game related coupon, the certificate of authenticity and the GOLD NES Cartridge (which works on NES still btw)!


The classic NES warning label on the back. Printed in on a gold foil sticker. With new tip added “LIFE IS LIKE A HURRICANE” !


Capcom must be making bank if they can shred cash. $_$

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