I like Chun-Li.


Check out my modded Chun-Li TE ‘S’ ! Modded with a Cthulhu to work on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Yellow Mad Catz bezel. Clear Mad Catz dust washer & shaft cover set. Swapped out the default Sanwa buttons for the blue (6) and yellow (2) scheme. Yellow Sanwa LB-35 ball top. ♥

The only thing I’m not doing right now is wearing my Mad Catz shirt! BTW, look at Kayane rockin’ her limited edition Chun-Li FightStick and wearing the LE Chun-Li inspired shirt!


NOTE: Mad Catz does not condone/advise you to modify your sticks/therefore voiding your warranty.

First ninja-shots of the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition GOLD for EVOLUTION 2010:

Only 24 of these arcade sticks were made. The only chance to get a hold of one of these is by either placing top eight in Super Street Fighter IV at EVO2010, winning the ladies SSFIV event, OR via raffle live at the event or by watching the EVO2K live stream! More pics below…
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